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Welcome to Planet Alameda! A fun, friendly and educational website designed to help Alamedans of all ages better understand what we can all do to help protect our environment. We invite you to explore this website and learn what you can do at home, work or school to reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Remember that what you can save today won’t end up in a landfill tomorrow. Working together, we can meet Alameda’s “Zero Waste” goal of reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions to 25 percent below 2005 levels by the year 2020.

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Why Recycle?

Recycling just makes sense on a number of levels.
Consider the differences recycling can make if we all do our part.

Recycling saves in many ways.
Products made from recycled materials reduce waste and save resources. Recycling our discards puts resources back to use in a different form instead of burying them in the ground.

Recycling creates jobs and closes the loop.
What started out as a small business now accounts for thousands of jobs and billions in products and services throughout California. Many high quality products, everything from glassware to computer mouse pads to picnic tables, are made from recycled materials. You can help close the loop by looking for products made form recycled materials.

Recycling saves energy.
A great deal of energy is required to create new products or packaging. Producing aluminum cans, for instance, requires 95 percent less energy using recycled aluminum than it does to create cans with the same amount of new metal.

Recycling saves natural resources.
The more we recycle, the fewer trees we need to cut down and fewer mines we need to dig. Something future generations of Californians will grow to appreciate.

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Zero Waste

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Zero Waste

The City of Alameda has focused on the topics of waste reduction and recycling for decades. Its implementation of an integrated waste collection program is just one example of an action taken to help the community live a less wasteful way of life. ACI's 3-cart system is an important tool for keeping valuable materials out of the landfill, but a significant stream of garbage stream still exists.

To achieve further reductions, the idea of "Zero Waste" is now being explored. Adopting zero waste practices has a two-fold effect: reducing garbage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Alameda has pledged to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

The City has embarked on a planning process to identify the policies and programs that will be needed to reach zero waste or darn close. The many possibilities could include expanding commercial organics service, extending producer responsibility, mandatory recycling, and rate structure incentives.

For more information, please call the Public Works Department at (510) 747-7930.

Last updated: July 12, 2011
Public Works Department,
(510) 747-7930

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