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Electronic Waste

Safely disposing of electronics, such as computers, monitors, cell phones, and other common household devices is a challenge. They pose serious health threats when placed in our landfills.


Electronic Devices
These devices often contain heavy metals like lead, cadmium, copper, and chromium. Electrical switches and relays typically contain about 3.5 grams of mercury each. Mercury switches can be found in some chest freezers, pre-1972 washing machines, sump pumps, electric space heaters, clothes irons, silent light switches, automobile hood and trunk lights, and ABS brakes.

Electronic Devices Include:
Cell Phones
Computer Monitors
Microwave ovens
Electronic Devices

Cell Phones
Don’t trash your old cell phone. Recycle it. Better still, donate it! Cell phones contain hazardous materials, which can pollute the air when incinerated and seep into drinking water when buried in landfills.

Donate your old, unused cell phone to Keep California Beautiful
Over 200 million Americans have a cell phone. It is estimated that every year, 150 million cell phones go into closets, desk drawers and worse, in the trash. Keep California Beautiful is raising funds by collecting cell phones and helping the environment by keeping cell phones out of landfills.

RBRC National Recycling Program – Call2Recycle
The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) can help you recycle your used portable rechargeable batteries and old cell phones.

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Electronic Waste