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Recycling food scraps. In Alameda County, food scraps and food soiled paper are the largest single item in our waste stream—it accounts for 35% of what is thrown away. Those materials are new resources, not waste. They’re not “yuck” or “stinky stuff” either—they’re resources waiting in the wings. Instead of putting them in the grey cart so it can take up landfill space, place it in your green cart for collection and further hauled to a commercial composting facility. Once there, it is laid out, turned and cured. Following this process, what was once a landfill extra will now make its encore appearance as a soil amendment valued by landscapers and farmers.

Recycling Food Scraps
Kitchen Pail

The green kitchen pail provided by ACI (Alameda County Industries), the City of Alameda’s solid waste collection company, is a convenient, reusable container for collecting food scraps prior to transferring them to your green organics cart. But we’ve also heard of lots of clever “containers” that work well and can be composted right along with your foods scraps. We’ve listed just a few ideas, below.

Ice Cream Carton

Compostable Containers for Collecting Foods Scraps:

  • Ice cream cartons
  • Milk cartons
  • Juice cartons
  • Cereal box (no plastic liners)
  • Pizza box
  • Cracker box (no plastic liners)
  • Cardboard To-Go containers (no metal handle)
  • Paper egg cartons

Food Scraps Tips:

  • In warm weather, freeze food scraps to reduce odor.
  • Wrap scraps in newspaper or wax paper before placing in the container.
  • Mix food scraps with yard trimmings to reduce odor.
  • For more tips, visit

It’s No Big Stink…
Bag, box, or carry the food scraps and food soiled paper in the green cart for weekly pick-up and send the “yuck” back to the earth.


Learn more about food scraps recyclilng:
Resources and information on recycling in Alameda:

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Recycling Food Scraps