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Household hazardous waste disposal. To prevent the chemicals from these common products we use from being released into the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or harm our garbage handler, these items must be handled differently.

Household Hazardous Waste Rule

What is Household Hazardous Waste?
Some jobs around the home may require the use of products containing hazardous components. Such products may include certain paints, cleaners, stains and varnishes, car batteries, motor oil, and pesticides. The used of leftover contents of such consumer products are known as "household hazardous waste."

Residents of Alameda County can safely and conveniently dispose of household hazardous waste at no charge at disposal centers located in Oakland, Hayward, and Livermore.

Where & When
Be sure to check the operating schedule before going!

Facility operation schedule:

Facility location maps: The Oakland disposal facility is on the Corner of East 7th and Kennedy Streets west of the 880 freeway The entrance is on East 7th Street. More information, including directions to the Hayward and Livermore facilities, is available at

Oakland Facility   Hayward Facility

Livermore Facility

Who Can Come
Alameda County residents transporting wastes they generated in the course of living in and maintaining their place of residence. This includes homeowners, renters, condo residents, apartment dwellers, and trailer park residents. Please bring proof of residency with you (driver's license, tax bill, or utility bill showing your current Alameda County address).

Who Can't Come
Businesses, Apartment & Condominium Managers, Clubs, Non Profit Organizations, For Hire Haulers, Contractors, Painters. Call 510-670-6460 and ask about our low cost Small Business Program.

What's OK to Bring
Common household hazardous wastes are listed below. Wastes generated in the course of operating a business at a residence do not qualify.

  • Paint, stain, varnish, thinner and adhesives.
  • Auto products such as old fuel, motor oil, oil filters and batteries.
  • Household batteries, fluorescent bulbs, cleaners and sprays.
  • Garden products, including pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Home-generated “sharps” waste in approved containers.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medicines, except for controlled substances.

What's Not OK to Bring

  • Explosives, radioactives and most compressed gases. For asbestos, railroad ties or treated wood call Altamont Landfill at 925-449-6349.
  • The above is a partial list. If you have any questions about acceptability of a particular waste, please call 800-606-6606 for details.

Items That Need Special Handling
The program will accept sharps packaged and approved sharps containers. Call 800-606-6606 or email for more information.

Click here to learn more about sharps »

How to Package

  • All materials must be packaged in sturdy, non-leaking, closed containers.
  • No individual container may be greater than 5 gallons or 50 pounds in size.
  • If you have a leaking container, place it in a larger, non-leaking container (such as a plastic bucket available from paint stores); include the original label or a note with as much information as possible about the material and its ingredients.
  • Do not mix different wastes in the same container.
  • Place the materials upright in your vehicle; for safety, we recommend placing materials in boxes in your vehicle's trunk. Pack the materials so they will not slide, tip over, spill or break during transport. Please drive carefully!
  • Once you are at our facilities, our staff will unload your wastes. At your request, we will save your motor oil and gasoline cans. Label them with your name and phone number; they must be picked up on the same day after 3:00 p.m.

How Much
State law limits the total amount you may transport in one vehicle to 125 pounds or 15 gallons. Wastes must be transported by a resident of the county.

Maps & Forms
Oakland facility map at:
Oakland facility interactive map at:
Household Hazardous Waste: Waste Delivery Form

Recycle Used Motor Oil
Did you know you could recycle used motor oil? Recycling used oil is an excellent idea, as oil never wears out. It just gets dirty, but once cleaned (re-refined) it can be used over and over again. The City of Alameda has four Used Oil Certified Collection Centers in town where residents can bring their used motor oil, and earn a rebate of sixteen cents per gallon.

Certified Collection Centers
You can look up the nearest Used Oil Certified Collection Centers by clicking the link below.

Used Oil Collection Centers »

Curbside Pickup
Alameda County Industries (ACI) has provided curbside pickup of used oil and oil filters since 1997. Residents can place their used oil in one gallon screw top containers next to their recycling carts, and ACI will pick it up on your regular service day. All residents are encouraged to obtain used oil jugs and oil filter bags free of charge from ACI. The City of Alameda provides absorbent bilge pads to our local marinas upon request.

Last updated: June 16, 2011
Public Works Department,
(510) 747-7930

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